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Crown Reductions

This is the operation where the overall reduction of the height and/or the spread of the crown of the tree. This is achieved by shortening the branch and twig structure whilst retaining the framework and shape of the tree. The shape will stay roughly the same but the general size will be reduced, their should be a framework of the crown left and therefore a high proportion of the foliage bearing structure left, which is important for the vitality of the tree. All branches should be cut back to secondary growth, this will help produce a natural and pleasing appearance, and reduce the chances of a negative impact on the health ad vigour of the tree.

This process has many good implications, it means a tree that is in a area two small can be retained by this management method, as it can be reduced to suit its environment. This therefore means it has the chance of a longer life as it fits in with its surroundings. This will also mean surround plants/trees and structures will receive more light that the tree once blocked. It also greatly decreases the risk of branch and whole tree failure due to the leverage and sail area being decreased.